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So, i've received a 10day subscription so i might aswell return to the game. It's been a while since i've played just wondering what has changed and what i can do before i activate the sub so i'll be prepared rather than wondering around.

What i've used to do to level up was buck dung (sell souls) and ghosts whenever a fairly decent sized mob was available. Personally i didn't enjoy buck dung i mostly did it for the money however ghosts were really enjoyable.

My team ranged from levels 170-185....
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Hello, I'm once back into dofus after quite a long break. Anyways, I used to have an INT/STR feca in my team. All of my spell points got reset and I now have 164 points to use. Is intell feca with str as a second stat still viable as it was before? If not what is good to spend points on? I don't might buying gear for a new stat if that's the case.

Also, I don't intend to do pvp. I'm mostly focused on pvm/dungs.

My current team consits of

Cha/agi Sac
Int Eni
Cha Panga
Cha Enu
Cha Xel
Str Masq
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Right now the most mobs i'm killing are Pirates and Obsidemon mobs. They are decent exp mostly when you find a huge mob with good stars but they are really boring. I tried some dungeons too they arent bad but not as good exp as mobs are. I don't think i can manage ghosts yet i really loved that place back in the day and i think i'm too weak for ougaa mobs although i havent tried there yet. Any other places i can visit ? My goal level is 175-180 so i can wear my new gear and i would be able to do...