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By [Nerodos] - 2017-03-14 21:40:35 in Sacrier
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Yeah like a fogger which is fine i guess but the key thing to a sac was the sac gets hit and benefits from it.
cuts for power..

Why not instead make 1 spell per element = self harm but that self harm gives a scarier a unique buff?

OR each punishment gives a sac a bonus the following turn like 1s damage, other is heals and the other is resistance?

Im not sure but the function of a sac should still be the same 'gain from an attack' sacs are suppose to have the best life expectancy. others fear attacking...
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The only thats missing is the fear of hitting a sac due to buffing it.
now theres 0 fear as sac gains nothing from taking damage until below 50% which splits up into 3 roles so really and truly
its not that much of a gain but the make over works well for the new sac but its definitely not true to its powerful nature which is hit me and i will hit you harder each time.

can't you still fix this because a sacs gameplay literally based itself on taking blows. yes the game has changed but surely this...
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The sac revamp is fine except the mindset of a sac.

before using a punishment was a sacs idea of being a meat shield. the only class that accepts damage whilst the rest do not. every time a sac takes damage it gets an improvement/buff. its offensive behaviour was its greatest defence.

Now a sacs mind set is to balance 50% hp or maintain full hp (pain share optional).

in order to do damage the sac must fear taking damage from flayed mans punishment if left one. only 1 punishment gives 15% damage...