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Ohieio Sacrier Lvl 77 Remington
Samsaralotusx Cra Lvl 77 Remington
Samsaralotusxx Ecaflip Lvl 77 Remington
Jinxkazama Osamodas Lvl 66 Remington
Xkiluax Iop Lvl 56 Remington
Kiliau Huppermage Lvl 55 Remington
Jinnx Sacrier Lvl 7 Phaeris
Qhozf Sacrier Lvl 6 Nox
Samsaralotus Pandawa Lvl 6 Nox
Xjinx Huppermage Lvl 6 Nox
Jinj Pandawa Lvl 6 Phaeris
Hihihihihihih Ecaflip Lvl 6 Phaeris
Ramuss Cra Lvl 5 Nox
Qfumar Ecaflip Lvl 3 Nox
Nanachizz Ouginak Lvl 1 Nox

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4 1324
where i get the quest "it's kwiiiismas" to enter Kwismas World?
no 1 in game talks so i cant fined there. 
2 778
i got this package but i cant get the items from it.
i get my code , but i cant go to the booster packs in the wakfu site,what to do?
where on the wakfu site i redeem my code?