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Hello to everyone! 
Unlike my other threads, I come to you today with something very special and dear to me. 
The guild named VENDETTA. 

As an introduction, I guess I should say that we are proudly part of the Alliance called TSW, home to some of the server's elite OGs and holders of 69 territories throughout the World of Twelve. We are one of the server's oldest guilds, created back in September 2016. 
For the first time in a long while, we have finally opened our doors. Not to everyone though,...
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Hello Again Dofus Touch Forum!My name's Can-dee, I mainly play an Enutrof on Dodge server. 
Since Ascension Island was launched a couple of years ago, I've noticed in my inner-game circle that there's a bit lack of information regarding its rotations, possible tips and advice on how to defeat each boss, and so on. 
I mean, there are always the French talks on the Forum, or on Dofus Touch's discord server, but that's sadly limited for French-speaking players only, as with many other aspects of this...
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Hello everyone! 
First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Can-Dee, an Enutrof fanatic, currently rocking a full int build in Dodge. 
I've noticed the lack of an online English-speaking community for this game, outside the official Forum & Discord server that is, so I took matters into my own hands. 
A couple of months ago I created The Vulbis Server, hoping to put an end to that issue. By all means, within weeks, the server was quite successful, with loads of players from around the world...