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Osa(me) and sacrier fighting crocabullia. 
Summoned 4 wyrms and 1 crackler.
- sacrier couldn't move, relogging didn't help, we could communicate through messages. Osa has seen sacrier, but other mobs moved through her image
- near end of fight all allies, except osa showed 6 above them, turn has frozen, after relogging osa was out of fight, number of tonics was the same as before fight, so it kicked out of fight as it didn't happened.
By Xiliath - 2020-12-29 13:45:58 in Suggestion Box
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Message "You are unable to put any more ..." when trying to put soul stone for sale.

As I understand game has problem listing many soul stones, so you introduced limit to 1000 stones per market, which allows only about 50 people to put 20 soul stones for sale.

It is unlikely that people are checking all items from listing, so just limit number of displayed lines (20-100 would be fine with me). Personally, I always use search button to check what is the cheapest offer.