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By Xelorati - 2013-04-19 06:54:22 in General Discussion
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I was wondering when the 2.11 changelog will be posted, as I would like to read the thorough changes.
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Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for a new character to play with at end-game (Kolo, and dungeons). I am interested in adding one of the new characters (Masq, Rogue, Fogger) but I just don't know too much about their capabilities.

The goal is to leech one of them up to 19x before it "graduates" to become a productive member of my team. I think and play tactically, so getting it up to speed quickly isn't an issue.

My small team is a bit support-heavy (heals, shields) so based upon my...
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Hello all,

I currently run a small team but what is preventing me from expanding my team with more characters on more accounts is the annoyance of running multiple characters to one spot. Running across many maps, alt-tabbing or simply clicking on each instance of Dofus to click multiple characters on the same exact spot becomes a tedious task. Simple tricks to facilitate more quickly clicking the same spot with each character is not an acceptable option in my opinion.

So, how can we make this...