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I get tired of them rescourse protectors draining all my hp.
For most people there easy to kill. my problem is they use mass unsummon to heal them selves greatly.
and I just happen to be a summoning osa. well there goes my attack power. So all i got left is crow, ghost, lashing, and PoC all of wich deal less than 14 damage a turn. (normaly less)

and we all know that the bots are all sadids.

So how about we change it so when you are attacked by a protector your changed into a creature(probobly the...
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I just read the update.
I was first happy that its lightning no longer hit allies, then I was saddend that it no longer can summon evil tofus.

I cant even summon him yet and im sad. But hes probobly much more usful this way. oh wellz