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I'm so pumped Kwismas Island is almost here (favorite activity every  I was just wondering if there was an ETA on when it opens or perhaps when to expect the announcement?  Thanks.
By XchangD - 2014-02-27 16:06:06 in Feca
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First off - I am SO happy I added a Feca to my team... he is amazing, and I can't believe I have played PvM for so many years without

Ok, my question is about the spell Spell Rebound... I'm a little confused about how it works, and if it is worth leveling? I thought the way it worked (or at least back in the day) was it would reflect a spell up to the level it was leveled - i.e. at level 3, it would reflect spells 3 or less, but after reading the description, I was a bit confused if...
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The question is simple: If you put together an all out, 5-man, TOTAL BLITZ, PvM team, what would your Dream Team look like? Please name your class, element, and reason.

I'll start:

Iop - Pure Strength - Absolute muscle
Masq - Vit/Str - Amazing shielding for those tight situations, while delivering massive damage
Sram - Pure Agi - Amazing field manipulation, Double for locking, and can we also say MASSIVE damage.
Cra - Pure Int - Great range, great team buffs, and incredible AoE damage output