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By Xalthorn - 2010-01-28 08:34:17 in Suggestion Box
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The transformation weapons are great fun, but even when they have reached their maximum level, they steal all of the exp from a player.

If the weapons stopped taking exp when they were maxed out, players might be more inclined to use them. An exp bar for the weapon would also be nice.
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One event that I've been preparing for over a long period of time is a Soul Tourney. The idea is that there would be four bands of teams to separate players by level (levels 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200) and each band would have 10 teams of 7 characters (the 8th spot taken by a 'watcher').

The tournament is not a knockout tournament, in each round, each team fights a dungeon boss soul in an arena and the number of rounds they took to win each soul is the measure of speed. This means that teams...