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Pandawa Lvl 111 Echo
Sadida Lvl 83 Ilyzaelle
Pandawa Lvl 66 Ilyzaelle

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If you're an English Speaker and you're on server VII (or you're not sure which server to choose yet), join us here in the main server 7 discord, the largest English Speaking community in Dofus Retro!

English Users: Over 260+
English Guilds: More than 8+

Join us now!
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For those of you who missed pre-registration (or don't have friends to play with on servers 1 through 6) I am starting a server 7 discord where you can bring your friends, meet people and start your own guild. Click on this link:
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I gotta say, Ankama, you kind of dropped the ball on this one. It looks like the english speaking community in dofus retro (which has probably less than 1000 players total) is spread out extremely thin between all 6 servers. Why couldn't you point us all to 1 server, and then fill it up from there with French players? 1000 english speakers and 6500 french players for 1 server would be fine, what's not fine is each server has probably less than 100 english speakers and they will probably quit because...