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Fellon Foggernaut Lvl 161 Nox
Auric Enutrof Lvl 149 Nox
Niight Iop Lvl 133 Nox
Noony Ecaflip Lvl 124 Nox
Trilli Sadida Lvl 111 Nox

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By WwhitekrowW - 2014-12-26 17:18:57 in Trade
0 446
Guild Name: Faux Lore
Lvl 6

2 Bank Slots
5% elemental dam (4)
5% elemental res (4)

Ankabox will probably be the best way to reach me or leave message here.
By WwhitekrowW - 2014-06-11 17:27:08 in Suggestions
5 1831
As you probably are aware, relic hunting is the worst. It gets even worse when you are 65 lvls above a relic and still feel you have no chance of getting it despite having 24 fragments... Instead of complete and utter chance, I think there should be a daily quest that gives a relic fragment. This could be per character or per account... Something... anything to make it slightly easier?

Something like this would be interesting:

Once a day/week otomai quest that you trade in 50-100 matts for a relic...
By WwhitekrowW - 2014-06-11 14:09:21 in Trade
0 550

Cactlass (900 kk)
Clawbot lvl 50 - (400 kk)
Tortured Soul - (100 kk)
Royalty Crown - (200 kk)
Doziak Epps - (100 kk)
Surimi lvl 42 - (300 kk)

Willing to negotiate. I am looking for gelano fragments - so trades in those definitely accepted. Ankabox me, leave ign here, or pm me in game (Illien). First come first serve.