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By WutaiSoldier - 2010-07-30 12:13:16 in Rosal
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Recruiting people on Rosal for the quest The Militian's New Clothes which requires 4 people on the same quest to complete, leave a message here if you need to do the quest and would like to help.

- Wutaisoldier
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Can a moderator tell me if the bontarian alignment quest #48 (Red handed...) is bugged or something at the moment? I've tried everything to enter the house, ive stood everywhere around the house with a lvl 100 handyman, and a lvl 55 handyman, we've tried with the handyman tools on and off, tried with mounts on and off, the most simple way of getting in which I thought would be that we both stand in front of the door facing it doesn't work either, can a moderator tell me if the quest is bugged or...