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By Wu-Ming - 2009-07-31 18:49:25 in Enutrof
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Mystery and rumour surround the identity of Xtreme-Elite's original founders. Some say young children were playing with Guildologems they found in an anbandoned mine - they fled when the power of the precious stones formed the mighty X-E emblem over their heads. They knew their parents would be furious as they had been warned of the dangers of the mine. Others suggest it was created to host a large paddock for a Dragoturkey breeder. Maybe it's a combination of the two tales?

What is certain,...
By Wu-Ming - 2009-07-20 20:45:10 in Enutrof
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Hi, pretty simple really: I need a lvl 100 shoemaker to craft a PDB.

Yes I have all mats, and yes I'm willing to pay (within reason) for your skillz!

Message me in game if you can help please: Darius-Henderson

EDIT: Found one, belt made, no longer required.