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By Wnna-Die - 2015-01-11 01:44:50 in Iop
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Hey guys, ive recently come back to dofus and noticed some new classes which seem pretty cool.

My current team consist of a 191 Str Iop - 188 Cha Enu - 187 Int Eni - 173 Agi/Cha Sac

Alts = 146 Int Osa - 135 Str Panda - 131 Int Feca

I dont want too big of a team anymore tbh and ive considered having a 5-6 man team.I would not swap/remove my iop/eni but open to ideas in regards to the enu and sac and alt accounts.

All in all i just want a good team but interested in the new classes cause they seem...
By Wnna-Die - 2010-04-15 04:50:49 in Iop
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Hi im a lvl 147 intel iop soon to be 148, i was wondering which iop is better intel or str. Most people say intel for pvp and str for pvm, now i dont pvp offen yet, but i still feel intel iops deal much more damage in pvm then str iops do ?? can som1 plz give me advice on which truly is the overall better element.

p.s- ive already done the otomai quest so resetting isnt a problem.