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Sorry I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question I have, on the rules for Godfather Fortunes it states that the end date is the 15th November 2008, however Ankama reserves the right to extend this; what I want to know is, will Ankama actually be extending this? if not does that mean that if you are in the middle of playing Godfather Fortunes when that date comes around, you will no longer recieve prizes for the duration of a friends subscription,...
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I payed for a 3 month subscription a few days ago and chose the gift pet Croum, however, I do not have this, I have asked alot of my friends who are also p2p why I can't get my Croum, they said when I log in there should be a notice telling me I have a gift, this message did not appear, they told me to log out and back in but this didn't work, they said I should be able to choose which of my characters I want to give it to as well. I tried looking in my inventory, but it wasn't there, and in my bank,...