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Lyraiei Eniripsa Lvl 188 Elbor
Lyraiei Eniripsa Lvl 188 Elbor
Madam Lyra Feca Lvl 118 Elbor
Madam Lyra Feca Lvl 118 Elbor
Aish Tha Eniripsa Lvl 7 Remington

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Hello. I'm an average monoaccount single character player that wishes to level a profession and so far its been doing great but leather dealer is hell to do.  To level leatherworker is to suffer, as it is the only wakfu profession that depends on mob drops to be leveled. Other professions have recipes linked to mobs and their drops, only leather dealer has one that requires you to hunt for monsters.

The way of obtaining materials is what's painful, as the class requires the same ammount of crafts...
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Hai, spaniard here. I believed for years that my spanish translation was wrong due to the english one, but after testing on astrub and checking the french wording it seems that its actually healing done.

I'd like the english version to also be translated properly to healing done and not healing recieved. Its a kinda big translation error, I wasn't using it due to believing in that and many won't either.
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Hello, spaniard here. I felt like posting this suggestion on the english subforum cause it'll be heard more.

Currently, leather dealer is a pretty needed profession due to the gear upgrade and the only way to level this profession is through drops. Drops are the main issue here because of their inconsistency. Why so? I'll explain:

You make bread. Bread only needs you to get farmer products and you're guaranteed at least 1 from a plant, up to 8 with a full set of items. You harvest 10 plants, you...