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Crimsonhawk Huppermage Lvl 116 Nox
Amberfalcon Sacrier Lvl 115 Nox
Lunar Owl Sadida Lvl 115 Nox
Bravairy Masqueraider Lvl 90 Nox
Starry Gale Pandawa Lvl 90 Nox
Sablehawk Ecaflip Lvl 87 Nox
Goatofpower Osamodas Lvl 7 Remington
Coppergoat Xelor Lvl 6 Remington
Louvel Huppermage Lvl 4 Remington
Louvel Flamberge Masqueraider Lvl 4 Remington

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By Windedge - 2016-10-18 18:39:33 in Technical Issues
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So me and a friend recently tried playing this game together and he doesn't receive quests forcing him to restart... Does anyone know a solution for this? Just trying to enjoy this game but we can't because quests stop popping up. Example is being Chaos of Seeds and then Ogrest's Cult quest. We can't progress and we have tried relogging and canceling missions but nothing has worked so far. I'm hoping someone can tell us how to fix this.