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Member since 2014-01-13


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-09-20


Forgive-My-Gluttony Cra Lvl 186 Phaeris
Forgive-My-Envy Iop Lvl 186 Phaeris
Forgive-My-Sloth Sadida Lvl 185 Phaeris
Everelegy Cra Lvl 146 Remington
Forgive-My-Sins Sram Lvl 138 Phaeris
Forgive-My-Greed Enutrof Lvl 123 Phaeris
Forgive-My-Wrath Sacrier Lvl 105 Phaeris
Zveri Krestnyy Khod Osamodas Lvl 95 Remington
Azraelly Sram Lvl 94 Remington
Eternal Lament Sadida Lvl 80 Remington
Alf Layla Wa Layla Xelor Lvl 79 Remington
Forgive-My-Lust Osamodas Lvl 60 Phaeris
Forgive-My-Pride Feca Lvl 59 Phaeris
Maha Pralaya Sacrier Lvl 16 Remington
Luminosite Eternelle Huppermage Lvl 13 Remington

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Please check server status! I can't login my character, alway get stuck in loading screen.