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By Wickedshadow - 2016-11-19 22:19:46 in Need help?
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Hey Folks, 

Thought you'd enjoy this map and get some use from it as the current maps on Wiki and other Dofus sites show the newer map that does not pertain to our dated touch community. 
Enjoy - caused me a bit of frustration I hope you wont have to experence. 

Aces (Dodge Server)
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The Lethal Order is recruting active, helpful, and team minded players lvl 80+ to join our ranks. If you speak english and want to join a growing community of awesome players with lots of end game experence from PC reach out to us today. 

Requirements: Lvl 80+ Active Friendly Party Focused Mentality English Speaking
What you get from The Lethal Order:Lvl 19 Guild with well built Perceptors XP Parties to help you level and farm mats Crafters willing to help Awesome chat full of humor and community...