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By Wiccanwatcher - 2009-08-15 08:22:22 in Suggestion Box
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Just create a captcha system when accessing banks. Problem mostly solved.

EDIT: It seems that I misspelled bots in the title. Forgive me oh powers that be.
By Wiccanwatcher - 2008-08-03 16:45:29 in General Discussion
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Is it worth playing on dear Rushu anymore? I get the feeling that it's deserted but that can't be right since there are plenty of people around. But no one is talking.......anywhere. Yes indeed, my black chat is turned on and yet all I see is the ad bots spamming stupid sites. This kinda frustrates me. I could move to another server but it would be a tough start since I came very far here. So I'm asking, is there any life in Rushu, even in guilds? I've been on hiatus for quite a while now...