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Hello, just like the title says, so is it possible to put a mimi of an item the same level as the other (Count harbourg hat destroyed for my real lvl 200 hat)

I dont want to waste much kamas trying it out so here's why i just ask haha.
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Hello, so I have been thinking about it, and just realising like, homing hand has 120 lock, yet it kills himself, and if you take its AP it will just die by a 2/3 AP spell, which means you use more AP to make it lock, then the enemy uses to kill.

I suggest a 3 turn CD (lvl 6) on homing hand, around 450-500 hp and 25-30% resist to all elements, keep its lock, reduce its MP to, say, 8-10 mp. he does no dmg, and serves as a seeking locker or something , it would fit imo.

Edit : On the other hand.....
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Whenever I try to Suscribe with my credit card it says *Wait another 24 hours before making another transsision* this will always pop up even if i would wait for days, and it doesnt go away, solutions?