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Who Is Makaze Cra Lvl 94 Remington
Personal Meat Shield Sacrier Lvl 69 Remington
Where Is My Shield Feca Lvl 69 Remington
Where Is My Sword Iop Lvl 69 Remington
Personal Heal Bot Eniripsa Lvl 67 Remington
Who Is Makaze Iop Lvl 8 Phaeris
Celestial Mage Osamodas Lvl 7 Phaeris
Goddess Elio Eliotrope Lvl 1 Phaeris

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By WhoIsMakaze - 2018-07-25 14:29:27 in Overall
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Currently I have 

92 Earth - ??? Cra
65 Air - Earth Sac
65 Water - Air Eni

I'm loving the damage of piercing arrow so far and the ST damage of earth spells on my cra. I also love zooming across the map with my sac. My real dilemma is I feel as though my eni isn't being utilized as much. Don't get me wrong, I survive almost all my fights so far with zero to little scratches but I'm getting pretty bored of the eni (Personal Heal Bot, ironic huh).

Should I replace the eni with an off healer class...
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As the title suggests, I'm a returning player and would love to join a PHILIPPINE guild or a guild with lot's of FILIPINOS. I prefer to speak English in game , so an English only guild is fine by me. I'm usually online 6:00 pm EST. I love running dungeons, farming, and taking the time to meet new friends.

If there aren't that much of PH people, I can join any laid back guild that would invite me

Currently all my characters have no nation and I would prefer an open nation guild.

Who is Makaze...