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The Ugly Sand Masqueraider Lvl 155 Rubilax
Void Sand Foggernaut Lvl 133 Rubilax
Jackie-Shand Enutrof Lvl 129 Rubilax
Lbab Eliotrope Lvl 121 Rubilax

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Hello lovely community

I want to thank you all for playing this game, even if I leave for long times too but I can never forget about it
And thank you to Ankama for the merge of the servers * _ * (finally)

It's been 1 year and a half or 2 that I have not played Wakfu (life) and on my return, to my surprise the Zobal was revamped in a way that the old play-style (Backstab Damage, Push, Single target) is no longer viable (maybe the single target) but no longer the backstab which was the signature...
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Hello all wakfus

Missed you tons lads

This is a translated post I posted in the french forum

I haven't played wakfu for a year & some, which made me -as with any pause- need to re evaluate my builds to see if they are still viable or not, which takes lots of tests.

I had a question today, which was, should I keep mixing between Critical & Final damage or should I rather lean towards a specific side,

To that, I created a Excel table that calculates the expected output damage depending...
By WhiteFogGoneMad - 2018-10-29 15:40:14 in Feca
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Hello everyone, I have a quick Question;

I found a post in the forum about Orb & Drip that I didn't understand well & I couldn't find which update they spoke of, so I'd like to know if the Orb's Armor is affected by Melee Damage & no matter where the target is? & if Drop's Barrier is unlimited, like, does it stay for the whole turn no matter how many attack you receive, or does it vanishes with a number of attack or vanishes when the drip's armor vanishes too?

Also, would it be...