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Grimmer Sram Lvl 125 Nox
Jewolph Shnitzler Enutrof Lvl 111 Nox
Big Black Dave Rogue Lvl 36 Nox
Da Jumbo Sacrier Lvl 21 Nox

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By WhaleMan - 2015-09-16 23:42:55 in Community Events
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Hello everyone, my ign is Grimmer. I've recently returned from a 2 year hiatus and feel like having some good ol' community fun. So I'm hosting a tourney =).

Just so you know, I didn't wake up this morning and say "I'm going to make a forum post about a tourney. This past week/weekend I've been contacting guilds and gauging interest and it seems to exist so I figured it would be nice to host. I would like to thank those guilds for responding and giving constructive feedback. This is also not the...
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Ok so heres the inspiration for this idea. You know how there are some half decent looking items that you will never wear because they are incredibly impractical, especially if you're level 100+. My idea allows you to wear that gear while keeping the effects of your current gear via a Custom costume insignia.

How it works

There are two items associated with this idea; The Custom Costume Insignia and The Phantom Dresser. The Phantom Dresser essentially breaks the items you give to it and allows...