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Faran Osamodas Lvl 165 Phaeris
Asterion Pandawa Lvl 126 Phaeris

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I apologize for asking this in the General Discussion forums but I'm not exactly sure whether to place it as a bug or as an oversight, but what's going on is that I've tried the Zeppelantern Dungeon after the Iop and Cra updates and noticed that the Iop and Cra enemies there still retain their old skills but without the animations that accompanied them.

I dunno if the Devs might want to look into these along with other dungeons that have characters as enemies and mobs (Three Pistes, Wild Estate...
By Wessolf - 2015-05-05 01:23:49 in General Discussions
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Well, I apologize for a double of this topic, but I couldn't get any replies on the Other Features part of the forum. So I'm asking whether or not it's possible to drop nation-specific emotes inside their respective dungeons.

Is it possible, or is it only on the field?
By Wessolf - 2015-05-03 07:14:50 in Other Features
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Hey all, to be more specific with my question, can you drop nation-specific emotes inside the dungeons or are they field only?