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Warkitteh Ecaflip Lvl 131 Rubilax
Tedwong Eniripsa Lvl 127 Rubilax
Rarii Feca Lvl 121 Rubilax
Retailprice Sram Lvl 114 Rubilax
Bo-Biscuit Rogue Lvl 106 Rubilax
Officerjenny Osamodas Lvl 106 Rubilax
Eatmybarrel Pandawa Lvl 90 Rubilax
Puppermage Huppermage Lvl 81 Rubilax
Bringontheloot Enutrof Lvl 77 Rubilax

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As stated in the title, I'm a bit bored and I made an enutrof. I was just curious if anyone wanted to power me off anything or whatever. haha
Lemme know!  
3 1122
As the title states, I'm a bit confused. I played during early release of Wakfu and stopped for a month or two and came back to find...well...not really many players at all. I'm trying to level up my Ecaflip (currently level 63) and finding groups to get together with is a bigger pain then the actual fighting/leveling. Now I'm not saying I didn't see anyone at all, but I'd be walking around for near 20-30 minutes before coming across a group.

I guess the bottom line is, I want to hit 105 and I need...