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Darkko Feca Lvl 119 Nox
Captain Absolute Pandawa Lvl 101 Nox
Code Blue Osamodas Lvl 31 Nox
Wolfgang Black Ouginak Lvl 20 Nox
Skasocly Sram Lvl 1 Remington
Gengarr Foggernaut Lvl 1 Nox

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By Waldomian - 2014-07-21 09:54:15 in General Discussions
7 1000
Does anyone (or a mod) know if we'll be getting a respec soon? just wondering because I don't want to start farming and then boom a free respec. it'll be a terrible waste of time.
By Waldomian - 2013-04-21 04:38:32 in General Discussions
9 1719
Hey there Noxians, it's Darkko!

Well, i've played wakfu for quite a while and have enjoyed almost every second of it. But the fun has come to an end; im bored with most of the content, shitty community, and there's just no appeal left. So I'd like to say goodbye (not forever, but yeah) to the people who I'm gonna miss.
Byeeee Hooks, Lunar, Lycho, Viktor, Rey, Fiorys, Sig, Lee, Izaya, Poe, Tulish, Madd, Idz, Travvy, Pyro, Hate, Kee, and Dragoon.

and good riddance Madeline and Hackwork you cancerous,...
By Waldomian - 2013-03-22 00:11:56 in Osamodas
3 1637
What do you guys think the best summons are for osas, level wise.
What I did with mine is:

1-10 Gobblies
10-20: Gobbals/Gobbettes at 15
20-30: Warchiefs all the way, they're amazing.
30-40: I kept using warchiefs
40-50: Crackrocks, Sharkies
50-60:Spear Sharks, Ancestral Cracklers
60-70.. My osa is currently 60 so I don't know what else to use after this lol, any suggestions?