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By WHOATEMYTOFU - 2018-08-18 07:56:30 in General Discussion
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I was wondering if there will be another temporis server?  or if it's not going to be made anymore.
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I was wondering what everyone would think on a new dungeon on Moon Island Involving the Turtles/kokos? I think it would be a pretty cool dungeon.
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How come we have the option to transfer (international community) when we are server locked with nowhere to go besides our crap server? think we can have it possible to go to other communities kay thanks.

Until this is a thing ill be stopping the game. For me echo is not the server i want to be a part of the community itself is quite toxic. Multilogging ruins the fun for me and its tedious to always have to defend our areas when they get vulned by the same person that multilogs 5 characters....