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Mikefield Feca Lvl 177 Remington
Arahtsi Pandawa Lvl 177 Remington
Naidi Bel Mar Cra Lvl 177 Remington
Viaticus Enutrof Lvl 49 Remington
Professor Snipe Foggernaut Lvl 4 Remington
Hoto Ouginak Lvl 1 Phaeris

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By VoraciousMagician - 2016-02-11 19:44:20 in Combat Strategy
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Hey everyone! I took a break from Wakfu for over a year. I'm thinking of starting fresh on Remington seeing the terrible state Phaeris is in after migration. I'm looking for input on class compositions for my team and possibly some remarks on changes the classes have undergone. I know that fecas are much more potent right now, can't wait to play one!

I used to run:
water/earth Enu
fire/earth Eca
water/fire Eni
earth/air Iop
fire/water Feca
air/earth Sacri

I wanted to change things around a little...