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Character Nickname: Void-Laoch
Server: Tal Kasha
Client Version:, 64 bits
Date/Time: 2022/11/01, 20:51
Map in Question: [-2,-5] (Anywhere Ice Kwaks spawn including the Kwakwa Dungeon)
Description: Attempts to soul any mobs with Ice Kwaks result in no soul collected at end of combat. Soul Stone is not consumed. All other Kwaks are able to be captured. Unknown if Ice Kwakeres are also affected as I did not test with a mob of just that but have tested with Ice Kwaks.

Steps to Reproduce: Equip...
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Hello Dofus Community!

I am returning after nearly 8 years of being absent from the game. Many of my friends are long gone but hope to find many more who remain or just new friends to adventure with.

I would like to start by apologizing for ALL of my past behavior on these forms. Being nearly a decade older has given me much perspective regarding my previous self. I've reread many of my past posts and am truly ashamed at my lack of tact, toxic behavior, and overall aggression on these forums. There...
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This was my idea: Find the weakest monster I could fight that would give me the 3 experience I needed to hit level 200. I settled on a Daredevil Crab from Incarnam as the Lil Piwis and other monsters in Incarnam either gave 0 experience or were stronger than the other monsters that would give a little. The result:

This is my first level 200 character. I've been around since 2008, but only recently hit 200.