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This was my idea: Find the weakest monster I could fight that would give me the 3 experience I needed to hit level 200. I settled on a Daredevil Crab from Incarnam as the Lil Piwis and other monsters in Incarnam either gave 0 experience or were stronger than the other monsters that would give a little. The result:

This is my first level 200 character. I've been around since 2008, but only recently hit 200.
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Here we go! The next Puppet in the chain:

Puppet Clue September 22:

The last puppet of Dramak is not married, however, he seeks his covenant.

I don't speak French and Google Translate isn't perfect so I will also post the clue in French.

Le dernier pantin de Dramak n’est pas marié, pourtant, il cherche son alliance. 
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Just to give our Community the same opportunities as the French, I'm posting the Puppet Clue of the day as soon as I can.

September 21 Clue:

When you ask the right questions, you give the right answers.