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Member since 2012-01-06


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Last login: 2019-08-20


Sandling Enutrof Lvl 164 Nox
Itagi Ecaflip Lvl 163 Nox
Lechannia Rogue Lvl 163 Nox
Void Settler Xelor Lvl 161 Nox
Mim Feca Lvl 160 Nox

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Hello there,

Not so much perhaps a bug as it is a visual hindrance, but you guys effectively rendered all the nice visual enhancements for gear/rarity moot by having items appear red in colour with an enormous questionmark on them,
Without actually clicking on an item I can hardly identify its rarity, not to mention simply finding it hard to keep items apart in eyesight.

Please make the colourborders for rarity thicker or something, and make the questionmark transparant or a small thing in the...
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Hello everyone,

Some years ago I compiled a thread in regards to dungeons that needed some finetuning in terms of balance (Mostly those there were too hard/annoying/time consuming). Developers used the thread to pinpoint problematic dungeons back then, and we have indeed seen quite some changes applied to quite a few of the dungeons that were mentioned back then.

So here we are in 2019, right after a Nation Revamp that incorporated a lot of new dungeons. I feel we're in a pretty ok place overall,...
By VoidSettler - 2019-01-01 14:06:25 in Suggestions
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I really think Ankama needs to redesign/re-evaluate the Nekark fight as part of Nation Quest chapter 5.
This is the 4th! time I have had new players deciding to quit the game the moment they are faced against this being - God knows how many more new players have decided to throw in the towel at this fight. Perhaps people you'll never see or hear from on this forum, quiting in full silence where it could have been prevented.

Since the current update, the fight has become 'extra' broken, needing to...