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Member since 2005-12-23


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-18


Ecaflip Lvl Omega 4 Echo
Armia Krajowa
Rogue Lvl Omega 1 Echo
Polish Dragons
Ouginak Lvl 166 Ilyzaelle
Sadida Lvl 154 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 91 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 85 Echo
Eniripsa Lvl 83 Echo
Eniripsa Lvl 59 Ilyzaelle

Activity on the dofus Forum

By Virandil - 2018-12-31 12:49:21 in Bug Reporting
8 236
Hi There,

On December 21st me and my friend have attempted Missiz Freeze Frostforge.
He managed to get through (i had to log out).
Today is 31st of December and still his bunch of keys haven't reset, as well as mine (I only have option to return to the same room but no 'use bunch of keys to get in').

I'm guessing that is a bug (as far as i know BOK should reset after a week it has been used which hasn't happened in this instance). Unless there has been some major change to how BOK works that I...
By Virandil - 2015-09-20 21:10:47 in Shika
1 813
Hi there, I'd like tomake a shout to all of dofus players to join our guild – AncientSpirits.

No matter your level,time spent in game, whether you're new to Dofus or not, we'd love tosee you amongst our ranks.

Now what we can offerto seasoned players, it's better explained here.

For newcomers andreturning players, please read on.

If you are new toDofus, just learning the game it might be a little bit frustrating,especially with the state of Wikia these days. Now I'm not saying weare going...
By Virandil - 2015-09-07 17:32:56 in Shika
3 1094
Hey guys.

After years of retirement I figured I might come back to Dofus. Now seems like I have been hacked so my chars are pretty much naked but in this thread I just want to get the feel of how active is Shika atm.

Couple of years back, there wasnt much going for lower levels, but mid to high levels it was pretty busy stuff happening. Now, how is it at this moment? Looking at this forums, doesn't bode well.

Kind regards,