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Zhett Sacrier Lvl 142 Remington
Pierpheles Iop Lvl 142 Remington
Nashcuez Ecaflip Lvl 141 Remington
Vatant Vuzrot Huppermage Lvl 122 Remington
Tegec Ouginak Lvl 120 Remington
Raqiva Xelor Lvl 120 Remington
Ming Fang Pandawa Lvl 70 Remington

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So I have bought two things now. And I haven't gotten the freebies... Is there something special I have to do to get them? I was assuming they would just show up in my game but nothing. Are there things that don't qualify? I bought Ogrins and a pack. 
By VimoxTheShushu - 2020-05-29 09:12:18 in Technical Issues
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Is anyone else having the issue of the forever loading on the main screen right before character selection? I can't get past to select my character. Also, when I was on earlier it was super slow. Too over 10 seconds to harvest stuff that usually is done almost instantly. 
By VimoxTheShushu - 2020-04-26 07:39:46 in Technical Issues
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It has been three days now, three days of my booster spent because it won't allow me to log in. I have sent a ticket 3 days ago and nothing. What is going on?