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Ragnabit Cra Lvl 131 Rubilax
Vood Sadida Lvl 130 Rubilax
Ragnablast Rogue Lvl 124 Rubilax
Ragnabolt Eliotrope Lvl 49 Rubilax
Deidara Iwagakure Osamodas Lvl 25 Rubilax
Mivetra Huppermage Lvl 13 Rubilax

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I've come back to the game recently and the game has improved so much since i was away, however the one problem that i have with the game in the current state is the challenges

I was previously in favor of adding challenges to wakfu but now i see how they are actually what make a good experience into a terrible one.

Without challenges you go into a fight with one goal of beating the enemy team while taking the least amount of damage
you seek out gear that helps you achieve this simple goal and...