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Katsumie Sram Lvl 102 Remington
Liyre Eniripsa Lvl 102 Remington
Talica Iop Lvl 102 Remington
Medori Feca Lvl 47 Remington
Noriku Ouginak Lvl 44 Remington

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By Venomshade - 2017-02-19 20:31:32 in Introductions
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Well Hello There, Wassup everyone?!

I'm still fairly new to Wakfu!, so i figured a good way to start is to introduce myself to Y'all!, SO! Hello again!. 

Weeell... i suppose thats the part where i should write something about myself!~

I'm on Remmington where i play a level 23 Sram, And so far i'm having a blast going all Stabby Stabby and Shadowscary, Although the skill and characteristics system is still a bit of a pain in the neck, Oh well, i'm gonna figured out how it works in no time! which...