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I think he said this because at endgame, being melee is a real problem. Monsters hit very hard, and Sacriers don't make good range characters. However, play what you want, a game is meant to be fun, thought doing no dungeons because your character suck can be the opposite of fun.
By Bremmstoker - 2018-06-30 00:03:32 in Sacrier
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Play either full Int or Agi until ~110.
Full Int does a lot of damage with Motivating Pain which is an AoE with a 25% crit chance base. Get HP using your Flying sword. You want to be at mid range to damage ennemies and don't be hit back. I don't have any hint for the items thought, I didn't play this. Use this as a base and adapt with your needs/funds.
Full Agi does more damage since Fury is single-target but only at close range. Agi give you...
By twoteatoroomtwo - 2018-06-13 17:00:33 in Sacrier
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Thanks you for speaking the truth. Yes, Sacrier are very effective (maybe too much ?) with the power stacking Berserk. It costs 3AP and if you don't hit him, he can't stack more than 300 power with Mutilation, at the cost of 2AP per turn. It's far less effective than Iop's Amplification, don't you think ?
November patch will nerf the Suffering damage scaling of spells to be less ridiculous, but still, don't hit them when they are under Berserk, or use spells that reduce Effects duration to dispell...