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Kaalonghart Sacrier Lvl 165 Pandora
Azap Xelor Lvl 164 Pandora
Faultier Masqueraider Lvl 164 Pandora
Ghaart Masqueraider Lvl 147 Rubilax
Lyrielle Feca Lvl 145 Rubilax
Faultier Foggernaut Lvl 145 Rubilax
Azap Xelor Lvl 144 Rubilax
Kalonghaart Sacrier Lvl 132 Rubilax
Kalonghaart Ouginak Lvl 109 Pandora
Sir Faultier Foggernaut Lvl 100 Pandora
Mortimerh Enutrof Lvl 99 Pandora
Lord Faultier Ouginak Lvl 71 Rubilax

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Hello everyone, note that english is not my native language so I apologize if I've made mistakes.
I come back after many months to discover the new Sacrier revamp. I played Feca because it was the best tank but Sacrier was far more my kind of character so I would like to switch.
I want to be a Tank with damages, I hear Earth/Fire is the best for that. But I also want some placement to help, some Air spells will be needed, knowing I can have many decks, so maybe tribuild ? Can Earth/Fire Sacrier tank...
By Velkolokar - 2016-01-09 22:49:50 in Iop
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I post on EN forum because I think I'll get more answers to my question. I'm a french player, be gentle about my english, mine is not perfect. ^^'
I want to know if a tanky iop is viable ? Not as effective as feca or Sacrier, but just viable. I thought about a build for lvl ~100. Can you tell me what is good, wrong, or if my wish is not usefull at all ?

1) Earth/fire or course, for Power Stacking => PW Generation (Virility) => Defensive Stance.

2) Spells
Fire : Thunderbolt (Flaming),...