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Vaum Xelor Lvl 110 Nox
Tiger Bearhawk Pandawa Lvl 70 Nox
Limekey Foggernaut Lvl 63 Nox
Mister Mroe Sparkles Iop Lvl 48 Nox
Scrizzingo Eliotrope Lvl 6 Nox

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By Vaus - 2014-02-08 06:07:00 in Combat Strategy
4 2030
While I was grinding on Bilbiza island, I absentmindedly did a few of the quests in that island's questline. I ended up earning around 2 million experience points and went from level 94 to level 95. The spells I have focused on are around level 94, which I expect is normal.

I want to ask if I can regain some of that wasted potential spell xp if I avoid questlines for now and battle a lot more. I'm not sure if there's any sort of compensatory maneuver aside from this, but any help would be appreciated.

By Vaus - 2014-02-02 19:32:42 in Xelor
12 3592
So far I've being playing around with a fire/water build to get a feel for the xelor's capabilities, and it's been fun. Before I respec and possibly change to another build I wanted to hear anyone else's advice on fire/water.

It seems to me like the build would be versatile at the cost of some of the fire branch's firepower (forgive the pun) and the water branch's AP stealing, but could the build be spreading skills too thin?