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Saint-Artina Osamodas Lvl 204 Rubilax
Stvalzy Feca Lvl 204 Rubilax
Tam Lin-Taek Jegal Cra Lvl 204 Rubilax
Riku Etrohan Masqueraider Lvl 194 Rubilax
Valvatorezsr Eliotrope Lvl 184 Rubilax
Izuna Isa-Allul Sadida Lvl 176 Rubilax
REM-Valvatorezsr Sacrier Lvl 30 Rubilax
Masked-Valvatorez Masqueraider Lvl 17 Rubilax
REM-Stvalzy Iop Lvl 12 Rubilax

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If you can even read this my posts are completely invisible even though I was unbanned. Can I get some clarification on this. My post count still goes up even though they aren't there.
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I was unbanned days ago but for some reason my posts are invisible to me. Is something wrong here?
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Quote (ValvatorezSr @ 2015-01-13 23:02:15)

[Image removed]

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!!!!!! Can you believe it's been 2 years already guys? This was my first ever thread;the start of my amazing journey. Post some of your memorable moments as well!