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Activity on the dofustouch Forum

By V0X - 2018-01-11 20:37:02 in Suggestion Box
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The current house pricing system seems a bit imbalanced as the game currently is.   I have two suggestions I believe could improve this, which would encourage player participation in Dofus retail and stimulate the economy.

1. Make the price of the least expensive house adjust to the economy, and adjust the price of the rest of the houses accordingly.
I'm not sure how Ankama initially decided what the price of a house would be, or how they gauge when any given player should be able to buy a house,...
1 623
First off, I'd like to state that I'm not opposed to the cash shop in any way whatsoever. I'm often fine with spending cash there and I also know that it's an absolute necessity for the funding of Ankama's development of the  otherwise free-to-play Dofus Touch.  Here's my suggestion for this specific cash shop potion moving forward.

Dofus Touch Missive #9:I believe the anti-attack potion presented in the 9th Dofus Touch Missive should not be exclusive to the cash shop.  There should also be a...
By V0X - 2017-11-23 22:58:14 in Bug Reports
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The cra class set does not change to the color of the player wearing it. Not sure if this is a problem for other class sets. Screenshots are available:

The bugs-en channel on Discord provided no response to this cosmetic bug.