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As the sun slowly slips below the horizon, a shape in the sky coalesces out of what appears to be nothingness.
An enormous clock, supported by unknown means, hovers in the clouds over Amakna.
Stranger still, the clock has no hands, and the numbers on its face don’t match any timekeeping machine known to mortals.

Here's what's been figured out so far on impsvillage and french OF:
The clock is an astronomical clock
Click here
The letters on the bottom left corner are in the same draconic letters...
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I wonder if there's anything to do about this, most likely not, how could I prove myself?

Like an idiot I left a gein hunt open in-progress over the maintenance, now as you could guess the hunt is gone and so is the map. Please tell me there's something that can be done

Edit: Problem solved, something funky happened and I found the map as the last item in my inv..?