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Member since 2007-05-31


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-06-25


Usiemon Eniripsa Lvl 200 Remington
Usino Feca Lvl 200 Remington
Usion Iop Lvl 200 Remington
Usilas Xelor Lvl 172 Remington
Usika Cra Lvl 166 Remington
Usimone Ecaflip Lvl 165 Remington
Usigrid Huppermage Lvl 164 Remington
Usine Ouginak Lvl 162 Remington
Usiori Rogue Lvl 160 Remington
Usierra Sacrier Lvl 156 Remington
Usihime Sadida Lvl 152 Remington
Usiyo Enutrof Lvl 152 Remington
Usie Sram Lvl 152 Remington
Usiko Osamodas Lvl 152 Remington
Usidney Eliotrope Lvl 152 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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14th May:
It looks like my IP is unbanned now. I didn't have captchas on Wakfu website and the launcher passed me without an error.

13th May:
It looks like the IP address I am on has a negative reputation. That's likely why I am seeing Cloudflare captchas and unable to log in through Ankama Launcher which also uses HTTP connections to authenticate. I am afraid there's nothing Ankama can do on this. Sigh

Since May 12th, I can't log in on Ankama Launcher. It says "HTTP request failed" when...
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As of 2019 April 6th 9:39 Paris Time, I can't find Etnop the Fleaster NPC at where he usually is on Remington.
Etnop showed up on Remington now.
Meanwhile on Phaeris, Etnop is right there.Does Etnop appear during specific hours, or do I have to do something to summon him here
4 279
Recently one of my monitors died, and I replaced it with a 2560x1080 widescreen.
So far it looks fine compared to how it did on the late 2560x1440 display.
I no longer have visible “seams” or blurry texts in the UI, but I still could use bigger texts.