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Aann Feca Lvl 171 Remington

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Ingame name Aann, but please post here so I can add you I'm rarely online these days.

Still need:
10.000 7000 7000 Elderberry
10.000 5000 2000 Sylvan

200 each unit.
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If you want to do your own thing while others have your back in case you need help or want to chat, this is the right place for you. 

We have
- 2 current active members: me, 156, and my brother, 136.
- more than decent guild bonuses. (wisdom, prospecting and so on)
- willingness to share our game knowledge if you're willing to learn
- mainly EU timezone play hours 

Higher leadership is on a hiatus, but they log in from time to time to have fun.

Ingame name Aann.
UPDATE: Please also post in here,...
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I've noticed it can be purchased with 20 000 guild points.

1. Can you "equip" any pet to the guild?
2. Does it provide benefits for the whole guild?
ex: lvl 50 Biliby -> +40 wisdom for every member?

Thanks guys!