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By UnsteppedRhyme - 2011-10-03 14:06:01 in Problems and solutions
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Well, I have been having a little trouble with Firefox and the Dofus forums.

It changes the layout to make it largely unreadable, as far as I can tell I haven't messed with the settings. Safari and Google Chrome both work as intended.

Any others out there having issues with this one page on firefox?


Okay, I should have browsed the forums a little before posting. The force refresh has fixed the problem.

Silly Hash.
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Messages, we have them for all sorts of lovely things: Trading, Recruitment, Alignment, and the rest. One thing that has irked me, and I don't irk easily, is that when one of your pretty items sells the message is neatly tucked away into "Informatory Messages"

Now, I know that this is technically information, but for me it's more important then knowing I inflicted damage on an enemy (which is already displayed after a spell animation). The definition of this information is not my issue, my issue...