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I'm unsure if this topic is appropriate for these forums, but I remember I enjoyed Dofus-Arena very much. Unfortunately though, the game has basically been abandoned and I haven't found an experience quite like it since. See, I love the combat of Dofus and Final Fantasy Tatics, but I'm looking for a more competitive version of this. Now, yes, Dofus DOES have PvP, but it is still at its heart, an mmorpg.
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Why can't we drop our quest? :c

I have a few quests that I don't think I'll ever get around to completing... most mmos allow you to drop your quests, why not this one? At least let us archive them?
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(Please see the OOC thread if you wanna join!)

“No! I will not let you” A roaring distraught voice pierced young Kris McFea’s ears. It frightened him dreadfully to see his mother so opposed to his leaving and was starting to wish he had not been accepted into the academy. But all his belongings were packed and transportation had already been arranged. He was more then ready to embrace his new destiny, even if his mother wasn’t. He simple had to, he had to follow his father’s footsteps.