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Xeimra Xelor Lvl 64 Nox
Armieux Xelor Lvl 31 Nox
Aikoh Osamodas Lvl 17 Nox

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Back after a while, all the nations are small now. I'm pretty upset.

Not only is Nox empty, but now it's cramped too. I can't go explore the other nations and see the cool areas they have, and I miss Sufokia's Hanging Gardens and the old Tydal Prarie. The dual bridge was always really cool to me, and the giant cliffside overhang near the top of the map was one of the coolest looking places I'd been in Wakfu. Jumpin' Jungle was a really nice and verdant place that captured the tropical jungle aesthetic...
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As we all know, a merger between servers is being considered due in part by a low player count. If this has constantly proven to be a difficult task, why not just try and fix the current state of things with readily available methods? I'm talking about advertising -- expanding more into an English-speaking market, especially the likes of the Americas. It's no secret that there is a larger market for English speakers than French, given sheer number of native speakers of the respective languages, yet...