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De Hollow Fairy Eniripsa Lvl 215 Rubilax
De Hollow Debuffer Enutrof Lvl 215 Rubilax
De Hollow Time Xelor Lvl 215 Rubilax
De Hollow Guard Feca Lvl 210 Rubilax
Sir Percyilus Iop Lvl 210 Rubilax
Ju Hollow Panda Pandawa Lvl 205 Rubilax
Ju Hollow Arrow Cra Lvl 204 Rubilax
Ju Hollow Reaper Sram Lvl 204 Rubilax
Kimetsu No Machine Foggernaut Lvl 198 Rubilax
Kimetso No Shaman Masqueraider Lvl 185 Rubilax
Zi Hollow Protector Feca Lvl 171 Rubilax
Kimetsu No Tree Sadida Lvl 167 Rubilax
Syndranilla Eliotrope Lvl 164 Rubilax
Alicia Auclair Osamodas Lvl 120 Rubilax
Zi Hollow Arrow Cra Lvl 118 Rubilax

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hey ankama can you please fix the infnite loading screen bug on my account please i was changing my character name and once i went to change one of my characters name i got bugged and can't log due to infinite loading screen
By UnderworldAce - 2020-04-25 09:17:51 in Technical Issues
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i have sent a ticket to ankama 7-days ago without a single reply till now and they don't even care about anything 
the problem is there's neglecting with everything now 
this is the ticket ID: #2572429