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According the the devblog that described the Osamodas redesign, summons are supposed to inherit vitality/hp from the Osamodas.  For example, for Gobball the devblog says:

Vitality: 75% of the Osamodas's basic health points

However, in the game I tested and at level 175, my Gobball summon always had 737 hp.  I tried changing out my equipment and even increasing my vitality stat using a scroll, but nothing I did changed the Gobball's hp.

Perhaps this part of the redesign was changed at some point,...
By Umbra2015 - 2017-01-10 08:29:02 in Bug Reports
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I'm doing the main quest, and I'm at the step where it says "Talk to Lily".  Lily is the boat person that offers you a ride to Wabbit island.  When I talk to her, I see the text that says the ride costs 500 kamas.  But there is no option below to accept the ride.

On my other lower level character, I tried to talk to Lily to see what would happen.  On that character, I actually got the option to accept the ride (it is like one of the choices at the bottom that you choose when you talk to an NPC),...