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I play heroic server and I'll be getting my Cra to level 80+ within a day or so. I'm just wondering, what's a good partner that I can multilog? I was think an Agi Iop. Iop tanks and Cra hits from afar. But, I just need idea's. All are welcomed, thank you very much(:

- Kiwi
By Ullesyes - 2012-03-27 01:26:54 in Eniripsa
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I'm considering making a battle eni on Oto Mustam. It'll be paired with my Cha Sac, however not solely used for healing. In fact, I'd prefer a pure battle eni. Anyone can help me by directing me to a guide or giving me some tips, that'll be appreciated.
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I just need some assistance in how much I need to scroll, I don't think scrolling the complete 101 would be possible for me. I play Heroic server so there's also a possibility it may be for nil if I die. I just need to know the min. req.
Is it possible to have a viable intell panda without scrolling?