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Xxvirgilxx Iop Lvl 100 Aerafal
Mr'Chance Ecaflip Lvl 34 Aerafal
High King Iop Lvl 18 Aerafal
Om' Osamodas Lvl 16 Dathura
Vi' Iop Lvl 13 Dathura
Tîk Tôk'Tik Tôk Xelor Lvl 12 Aerafal
Mr'Trêê Sadida Lvl 12 Aerafal
Maskéd Shadôôw Masqueraider Lvl 3 Remington

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By UlitimateDragon - 2011-09-05 14:16:44 in Technical Issues & Bugs
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heloo every one ... this days .. im having troubel with playing the game .. whan i open wakfu open beta and sing up its all normal but after 3 or 4 minuts after playing the game crashd an all my pc stop .. can any one can help me plz
2 1102
this bug is so wierd .. i was killing bandits with my iop and get lvl 40 .. the i dico .. after awhile i come back and found my self .. lvl 39 ?????????

so .. can some one plz help me ?